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Hard anodising specialists conforming to current related specs:

 MIL-A-8625 TYPE 3, JP250, & BS EN ISO 10074

Hard anodised coating provides several desirable qualities and is similar to sulphuric anodising but produces a thicker oxide coating 25µm to 75µm giving it a much higher level of corrosion resistance, high durability & electrical insulation. Finished parts may be dyed; however because of the darker appearance of anodised parts, dying does not produce the same level of vibrant colours achieved in the sulphuric anodising process.

Due to the thickness achieved in hard anodising it is possible that parts can be masked in areas that need to be free from anodising. We also offer dual finish process where parts can be alocromed and then masked, before hard anodising, thus giving a form of protection and electrical conductivity and would be pleased to discuss this requirement with you if you have a need.

To get the best results in hard anodising alloys low in copper or silicon is recommended such as 6061-T6 or 6082-T6.

Die cast or sand cast alloys are generally not recommended, because of their higher porosity and surface structure, which result in coatings with excessive porosity.


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