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  • Star Anodising, the Anodising SpecialistsWe specialise in Hard anodising, chromic anodising and decorative sulphuric anodising.
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Star Anodising Kent


Star Anodising

The leading anodising company in Kent, South East

Serving the Electronics, Engineering and Aerospace industries since 1955, Star Anodising & Finishing Ltd. is approved by various leading companies.

We offer a full range of  finishes: including Hard anodising, chromic anodising and decorative sulphuric anodising with range of colours. We also specialise in dual finish processes where parts need to be masked, free from anodising.

Apart from specialising in anodising we also offer electro polishing on stainless steel, zinc plating Vat & Barrel with environmentally friendly RoHS compliant passivation and also RoHS compliant alochrome 1200.


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